Coaching New Leaders and High-Potential Candidates

Whether a new leader is brought in from the outside or promoted from within, expectations are high. The reality is that time demands, business pressures, invalid assumptions and personal styles usually leave the executive to fend for him or herself. It is crucial that new leaders and high-potential candidates assimilate effectively and develop the tools necessary to move to the next level. New leaders must understand expectations, learn to delegate effectively, and motivate their staff to achieve business objectives.

Julie is an expert at helping executives operate at the next higher level of responsibility. She coaches new leaders to refine their styles in ways that ensure focus on the critical priorities, while increasing delegation without abdication of responsibility and accountability. She collaborates with organizations to develop an on-boarding process and strategy that clarify and set expectations. Julie works both with the leader and key stakeholders to establish a development plan to strengthen existing skills and develop additional leadership capacities and dispositions.