Coaching and Developing Women Executives

Organizations today are far more committed to developing women’s talents and leadership potential than in the past, and progressive companies recognize the value of workforce diversity. Yet many women executives do not feel they possess the power to shape the vision, strategic direction, and cultures of their firms.

Having served in high-level executive positions across several male-dominated industries, Julie Johnson understands from the inside how senior female executives experience their work. The integration of Julie’s research, coaching experience, and career as a senior executive at prominent Fortune 500 companies provides her with the insight and wisdom required to enrich and mentor her clients. Her informed approaches help guide high-potential female executives to have a transformative impact in their leadership roles.

In addition to her successful career experiences, Julie studies and lectures on women’s issues in the workforce at firms and universities across the country. She is involved in many women’s initiatives and organizations including the International Women’s Forum. Her recently published book, The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work, identifies the three elements that shape women’s vision in the workplace and explores the benefits each provides. The Female Vision has received acclaimed and reviews from colleagues, HR professionals, and senior executives.

[Julie Johnson] “is committed, approachable, practical and resourceful professional…In my engagement, I observed her navigate some difficult paths with both grace and humor. She was straightforward without being abrasive. She was persistent without being pushy. She can look at a problem from many different perspectives and find intersections that work both for the individual and the institution.”

-Deputy General Counsel, Fortune 500 Company