Even Star Hires Can Falter…How To Ensure Their Success

Clients say: “We expect new hires to hit the ground running.”

Not an unusual expectation when hiring experienced, skilled executives from the outside, says GM&C. Clients want new hires to assimilate and perform at their best immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always the way it works out. The successful transition and performance of an executive in a new culture or job, peer group or role requires that both the “executive” and the “executive’s boss” share the responsibility of the assimilation. When this shared process breaks down, so does the optimum success of the new executive….Read more

Learning Strategies for Newly Appointed Leaders

Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted. While you envision exciting challenges and expanded responsibilities, your new boss delights in your enthusiasm. Hopes are high. Unfortunately, no one is talking about defining goals or setting benchmarks, because everyone is basking in a kind of glow. In an environment in which executives can afford only the briefest of honeymoon periods, however, you’ll need a well-planned strategy for taking charge of your new position…Download this article